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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Everybody has a story to tell, after all, it is your experiences, your life, your endeavors, your journey. Your will to live, laugh, and love. And be loved! Just think of all that you've endured through out your marvelous life. Good and bad, you are still here standing to tell your story. It doesn't matter what country you are from. Israel, USA, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Jamaica, Alabama,Tokyo, Germany, Beijing, or Africa you have a story to tell. We all do. Some are great and some are small. But through it all you made it. What would you like to share?

Think about that horrible day that you thought you wasn't going to survive, a car crash, a biking accident, almost getting evicted, a foreclosure on your dream house. A car being reprocessed. A spouse leaving you, a love one passing , that you thought were leaving too soon, but God. We all have something to say! Now is the time to tell it. Covid-19 has taken several of our love ones. We are overwhelmed! We are grief stricken! But our joy comes in the morning! Live, laugh, and love. We are still here to tell our story! Tell it! Every Country! Tell it! What is your story?

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