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Families are Building Legacies for Generations to come,

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Have you ever thought about making a change in the lives of your family members? Especially the youths. Maybe one day teaching the youth to get a part-time job, open a business account, get a debit card. Learn to, not just withdraw from the debit card, but more importantly, to deposit money in their bank account and observe how it accumulates. How awesome is that for them. Speak with some of your friends and acquaintances to hire them 2-3 days a week and you could possibly pay the employer to pay your child. Be a part of keeping them off the streets and doing something productive.

This would be the genesis of building a family legacy. Building their self esteem and teaching them about their history as well. Start with a child of 10 - 16 years old, you will be amazed at his growth and pride in learning to be a greater human being in his community and loving to his family. He would learn to respect his siblings, family, friends and classmates. Stop the possibility of bullying. Because he will see how much you trust, support, and love him. It's all in raising them up in a way that they won't depart from it when they get older. Start building your family legacy.

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