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 Participation will provide your son and family with many opportunities. The child will be honored on his 13th birthday with a celebration/dedication and crowned like a king. They will experience the joy of honor and acknowledgment of an inspirational service of Christian dedication. 

There will include constant guidance from spiritual leaders, support from families, mentorship. The child will be able to form lasting friendships and develop a sense of community. Each youth will be taught the importance of his accountability on spiritual/natural levels. Employers in the community will be asked to allow our participants to work in their facilities/offices/place of business on a part-time basis after school. Local/state funds will fund BALFF employee monies. Proactive counsel and mentorship on/about male issues from successful men.

 Our services to the family are not merely a one-time event but include ongoing mentoring and a support system from outstanding males. Every male will be nurtured into believing and seeing the greatness in them. They will receive counsel, affirmation, love, kindness, and guidance, which will enable the king inside of them to emerge.

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A worship service based on Luke 2:22-23, "every male child that opened the womb shall be called holy" shall be performed. The dedication ceremony is a vital part of our process. Each male honoree will be presented back to God as Hanna did Samuel (1 Samuel 1:21-28). When performing this ceremony, the male has come of age, read scriptures, and speaks to an audience. It's an inspirational, joyous, and auspicious occasion.

The ceremony is performed with upbeat songs, praise dancing, steppers, pow wows, etc., or the family's choice. A male family member will give words of wisdom and encouragement.

The honoree Parents, Grandparents serve as an impartation or transmitting the mantle to the honoree. A pastor/master of ceremony will open the ceremony with a prayer and a word ministration. A welcome address from a family member. On Program, song, poem, fun time (Family’s Choice). This is a festive celebration, where family, friends, clergy, and significant males in his life are present. Older Family males will speak life into him, speaking words of wisdom, courage, faith, hope, prayers, and faith, thus bridging a great gap. The honoree is dedicated back to God as Hanna did with her son Samuel. As the honoree is crowned king, all males are asked to form a complete circle around him while his Father/Grandfather or closest male in his family crowns him as he is praying and dedicating him to God. Instructions will be given after crowning the honoree. He will then walk around the room to each table with his crown to receive his gifts in envelopes. It is advised that monetary donations be given as such money will enable him to open his first bank account at his bank of choice with his family's permission. Thus, The beginning of a family legacy. The Jews have a Bar Mitzvah for males 13 years old. This signifies that the male has come of age to observe the Torah's Commandments and need to fulfill them. The Catholic has a Sacrament of Confirmation Received by a mature adult who declares a commitment to accept the church's faith and openly profess their faith. BALFF has established a Dedication Program for males ages 10-16 yrs old. Dedication of males who have pledged a commitment to God, before the ceremony A legacy coordinator will discuss dedication requirements. His character, humility, and honesty will be addressed regarding how he treats his family, friends, classmates, etc. Mentor: Before the dedication, his parents/family will select a mentor for their son. Preferable a male member/role model if suitable. This mentor is responsible for building a Godly relationship with the mentee, guiding, encouraging, having ongoing relationships with the mentee to teach, encourage, and inspire him with his spiritual journey. EJI visits, Dr. Kings Church, Introduction to ASU, Tuskegee, HBCUs, The Capitol Building, Selma Edmund Pettus Bridge, Sports Night, Library, Church, Historical Visits/day trips, History, History, History.

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The crowning will assist them in walking upright. Luke 2:23 "Every male that opens the womb shall be consecrated to the Lord" The worship ceremony symbolizes that their son has been presented "back to God," Luke 2:23 and Crowned King.

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