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BALFF aims to inspire, support and encourage and provide our youths with protection from bullying, sexual abuse, safe refuge/place, in-home, and the community and school.

At BALFF, an integral part of our mission is to actively build, preserve, and perpetuate a legacy for families worldwide. Parents’ Consent is necessary for all Participants to Register for BALFF. We are committed to celebrating, dedicating, and crowning our male king. BALFF has a plan for every household. Our Company's major impetus is found in our strong spiritual commitment to the well-being of families globally; some of our youths will be awarded Scholarships between $500-$1,000 for those growing up in single-parent households. Banking and other information will be provided for education, social skills. We will also visit the students' schools to assist in their academics while parents are working and unable to leave work to meet with their teachers. The local and state officials will provide funding. However, to start, some parents will be asked to contribute towards the student's wages until funding is sufficient.



Building a Legacy for Families/BALFF is a non-profit Corp established exclusively for males providing education, coaching, counseling, and mentorship. Our goal is to empower male youths ages ten to sixteen years (10-16) in Urban Communities and Surrounding Counties. Our desired vision is to provide a viable business, a faith-based ministry, and offer services that will continually cause the great heritage of families to thrive through the eon of time.

Support Group


BALFF is established to encourage youths to respect, promote good behavior, and genuine concern for their family, friends, classmates, and communities. Conversations on bullying, date rape, gun violence, school/teacher/principal/staff abuse, child molestation, human trafficking/sexual abuse, discuss mistreatments affecting males/family. Our greatest determination is focused upon assuring the continuity of families that will steadily strive and prosper. Our staff is fully invested in our youths. If the gang problems, drugs, guns, and violence aren't addressed spiritually, we can expect to have these issues to continue to increase in our neighborhoods. BALFF is Faith-Based. With prayer, hard work, and dedication, we shall eradicate the ills in our communities. The solution is available for each home in Montgomery, Alabama, In the River Region, MGM, and the surrounding Counties and hopefully the entire state of Alabama.

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